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You just had to be there! Breaking out this throwback photo in honor of the legend Lee Trivino's 82nd birthday! #hoagclassic #hoag #pgatourchampions #hoagclassic2022 HoagClassic photo
You're making us hungry... Happy Thanksgiving to all our @ChampionsTour Legends!
PGA TOUR Champions @ChampionsTour
Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Drop your favorite dish below. ⤵️
Today we are thankful for YOU! Our fans, sponsors, volunteers and supporters! We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Thanksgiving! HoagClassic photo
We can hardly believe it...The countdown begins! 100 Days until the first round of the Hoag Classic! #hoagclassic #hoag #pgatourchampions #hoagclassic2022 HoagClassic photo

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