Hoag Charity Sports Hall of Fame

Community Leaders Honored

The Hoag Charity Sports Hall of Fame honors individuals who make an impressive imprint on Orange County communities and have contributed towards making this tournament the preeminent event on the PGA TOUR Champions.

Hank Adler – Inducted 2013

Hank Adler – Inducted 2013

Tournament Chairman, 1998–2007

After leading the Taco Bell Newport Classic for five years, Hank became the Toshiba Classic Tournament Chairman during the initial 10 years of Hoag’s management. Hank was instrumental in building the tournament into the premier event it is today. His stewardship left a lasting imprint, as the Toshiba Classic was the first PGA TOUR Champions event to raise $1 million for charity in any one year (2000), and the tournament has averaged over a million dollars per year ever since.

Jake Rohrer – Inducted 2013

Jake Rohrer – Inducted 2013

Tournament Chairman, 1998–2006

Jake’s leadership and support of Hoag’s golf events extends back to 1985, when he first served as Tournament Chairman of the Newport Classic. As Co-Chairman of the Toshiba Classic from 1998–2006, Jake Rohrer helped create an operation that evolved into the best run tournament on the PGA TOUR Champions. Over 1,000 volunteers under Jake’s command served Hoag in our efforts to raise $1 million annually for this community, creating the most important charitable event in all of Orange County.

Paul Folino – Inducted 2015

Paul Folino – Inducted 2015

Contributor and Chairman, 2018–Present

Paul Folino has been an avid fan and supporter of the Hoag Classic since Emulex became a diamond sponsor in 2001. Since that time, Paul quietly worked behind the scenes helping build additional corporate support in the Orange County business community. His leadership has had a direct and meaningful impact on the success of this tournament and the charities that benefit. Paul became just the third Tournament Chairman of Hoag’s PGA TOUR Champions event in 2019.

Jack Norberg – Inducted 2016

Jack Norberg – Inducted 2016


When Jack began his sponsorship in 2009, he immediately also became an ambassador for this tournament throughout the community, engaging partners and associates to join and support the event. Jack became a board member when Hoag Charity Sports was formed. He continued to be a leading supporter every year, and his contributions helped us consistently be the foremost tournament on the PGA TOUR Champions.

Ira J. Garbutt – Inducted 2018

Ira J. Garbutt – Inducted 2018

Tournament Chairman 2008–2018

As Tournament Chairman from 2008–2018, Ira Garbutt’s leadership coming out of difficult economic times was critical to our status as the premier charitable TOUR event. Additionally, he helped organize and structure Hoag Charity Sports – a Hoag supporting 501(c)(3) foundation that now hosts the tournament – and established a structure of leadership which will serve the tournament well into the future.

Marshall Duffield – Inducted 2018

Marshall Duffield – Inducted 2018

Contributor, Crosby Southern Tournament Founder and Chairman

Marshall Duffield is, quite simply, the founder of Hoag Hospital professional golf. As a friend of Bing Crosby, “Duffy” created the initial Crosby Southern Pro-Am in 1975 and started Hoag down the path of using golf as a fundraiser and community promotion. Over four decades later, the Crosby Southern has evolved into the most successful and largest PGA TOUR Champions event in history.

Charley Hester – Inducted 2018

Charley Hester – Inducted 2018

Contributor, Crosby Southern Co-Founder and Tournament Chairman

Charley Hester, an early 552 Club member and later Hoag Hospital Board member, was asked by his friend Marshall Duffield to help seal the deal with Bing Crosby. For the annual fee of $1 to the Crosby family, the Crosby Southern was launched. Charley then played a key role in securing sponsors and community support in the early years of the tournament, as Hoag’s golf events became an important piece of the foundation’s fundraising efforts.

Mark Simons – Inducted 2019

Mark Simons – Inducted 2019


Mark Simons spearheaded Toshiba’s title sponsorship and partnership with Hoag from 1998 – 2018. His corporate leadership, coupled with his commitment to community and charity, was a formula for success that helped propel the tournament to the leading event for charity on the entire PGA TOUR Champions.

Hoag Classic Champions


Ernie Els


Krik Triplett


Vjay Singh

2016 & 2007

Jay Haas


Duffy Waldorf

2014 & 2010

Fred Couples


David Frost


Loren Roberts


Nick Price


Eduardo Romero


Bernhard Langer


Brad Bryant


Mark Johnson


Tom Purtzer


Roger Davis

2002 & 1998

Hale Irwin


Jose Maria Canizares


Allen Doyle


Gary McCord


Bob Murphy*


Jim Colbert*


George Archer*

*Bob Murphy, Jim Colbert and George Archer won the Toshiba Senior Classic while it was under different management from 1995-97. These champions still honored in the Hoag Charity Sports Hall of Fame.

Newport Classic Champions

1975 – Billy Ziobro 1982 – Ed Dougherty 1990 – Brian Claar
1976 – Bob Eastwood 1983 – Mike Gove 1991 – Ron Shelton
1977 – Bruce Fleisher 1984 – Bill Briton 1992, 93 – Clark Dennis
1978 – Gary Groh 1985, 87 – John McComish 1994 – Jerry Foltz
1979 – Bobby Baker 1986 – Tony Grimes 1995, 96 – R.W. Eaks
1980 – Bob Mann 1988 – John Chafee 1997 – John Johnson
1981 – Mitch Mooney 1989 – Perry Parker