VEA Newport Beach | 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Step into the lap of luxury at VEA Newport Beach following the finish of an exhilarating opening round at the Hoag Classic. Join us on the VEA Newport Beach pool deck, where the vibrant energy of the tournament seamlessly transitions into an evening of sophisticated indulgence featuring a performance by nationally acclaimed multi-platinum country recording artists.

From this vantage point, overlooking the storied fairways where golfing legends have etched their names in history, enjoy an unparalleled night where the spirit of golfing excellence meets Newport Beach luxury.


Types of Passes:

Pool Deck Pass: This pass will grant access to the VEA pool and lawn area where guests can enjoy the party & concert. There will be food & beverages available.

Marea VIP Terrace, presented by Konica Minolta: This VIP pass will grant access to the VEA pool and lawn as well as the Marea Terrace where guests can overlook the venue and concert with all-inclusive food & beverage for the evening.


We are offering the opportunity to win Pool Deck Concert Passes to this exclusive Hoag Classic Opening Party in a lottery selection. Please register to win below!


5:00pm Event begins & tickets will start to be scanned at the entrances
5:00pm – 6:30pm DJ will be performing
6:30pm Multi- platinum country band performance
8:00pm Event concludes
8:30pm Last call for shuttles to tournament lots


We encourage guests to come out and enjoy the golf tournament at Newport Beach Country Club on Friday, March 22. After play concludes around 5:00pm, we will have volunteers directing guests through the golf course to an entrance at VEA Newport Beach for the Opening Party. Upon arrival, you will need to have your ticket ready to be scanned for entry.


Valet parking at VEA Newport Beach is available for $15 per vehicle.


Will there be restrooms? – Yes, there are restrooms at the hotel that you can use and there are restrooms near the entrance to the hotel from the golf course

Is there an age limit? – No, but when the band goes on, there is a good chance that the music will be too loud for young kids .

What is the dress code? – Golf course casual

When does the party begin? – Right after play concludes at approximately 5:00pm.  Scanning for entry will begin at that time.

Where can I park? – VEA has valet available for $15

If I parked in a tournament lot, how do I get back to my car? – Shuttles hours are extended to each parking lot until 9:00pm.

Please contact Ryan Elmajian at relmajian@hoagclassic.com with any additional questions.