Hoag and Surgical Theater’s Collaboration Extends Outside the OR to the Golf Course

The Hoag Classic is proud to announce Surgical Theater as a 2019 Gold Sponsor. Surgical Theater will have a presence during the Championship Weekend in the Hoag Health Village, presented by Blue Shield of California, to showcase its state-of-the-art technology.

Precision Virtual Reality® (VR) by Surgical Theater is an innovative visualization platform that allows patients and their surgeons to step into the patient’s complex diagnosis and to walk together in the 360-degree, VR reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy. The VR-based patient consultation empowers the patient, the patient’s family, and the entire healthcare team with an immersive, interactive shared-decision making opportunity regarding the patient’s treatment plan. This same VR reconstruction is equally essential to the surgery team when planning the surgical approach and navigating through the procedure in the operating room.

Attendees of the Hoag Classic will be able to experience the VR technology firsthand as Surgical Theater will share patient testimonials.

“Everybody loves seeing their brain in 3D and in color. They feel much more engaged in their own process with VR,” said Dr. Robert Louis, Director of the Skull Base & Pituitary Tumor Program at Hoag Neurosciences Institute. “It goes from ‘I trust you’ to ‘I understand what’s going on with my body.’ Research shows patients who are more engaged and have a better understanding of their pathology will have a better outcome.”

Hoag was the first hospital in Orange County to use high-tech 3D simulation software to assist in brain surgeries.

Learn more about Surgical Theater at www.surgicaltheater.net.